Shirley Catton                               

With explosive energy and a fierce passion for all-things dance, it's little surprise that Shirley Catton's dance-fitness classes have a die-hard devoted following.

Known to friends and students as "Curly Shirley" (as evidenced by her signature coif- a cornucopia of golden curls), the Brooklyn, N.Y.- native has a long-steeped background in dance. Trained from school age in ballet, tap, gymnastics and jazz, it wasn't until her teen years that Shirley declared hip-hop her true calling.

Today, the mother of three children draws hundreds of students to her studios in New York and New Jersey, as well as in Equinox Fitness centers throughout Manhattan. Her upbeat, easy-to-follow moves and super-fly playlist promises to keep the metabolism way up. Shirley's classes favored music ranges from the King of Pop to Pitbull, with everyone from Beyonce, Don Omar, Paul Simon, Sting, and Akon in-between.

Catton aims for each class she instructs to be her best one yet- proven by a room full of smiling people.

Shirley is ACE Certified and holds current CPR and AED.  She also holds certifications in Turbo Jam, Zumba Basics, ZumbaBasics 2, ZumbaTomic, ZumbaToning & AquaZumba.



“So there is a weekly Zumba Party held at Sound of Brazil in New York City every monday. Hosted Edmee Cherdieu D’Alexis who also works for Equinox fitness. There are different instructors every monday. So this monday Shirley Catton and I were ask to teach. So of course I was excited to do what i do.” -- Nathan Blake

“I’m so happy!!! Your class is like prozac without the prescription, tequila without the hangover and chocolate minus the cellulite!”

  1. -Sophia Chabbott

“Thanks so much, and honestly, I really do feel better and younger since I began your Zumba classes. Your energy is contagious, your passion exhilirating, and your warmth keep us coming back for more!”

-Mozelle Tobias

“I teach Zumba in Israel in Efrat and most of the women i teach are “olot” from the USA. They love hip-hop dances. Once in a while I take one of yours from YouTube and they are always a hit!

-Penina Esses

“Shirley I have to tell you how amazing tonight’s class was! I still can’t stop dancing!”

-Daniella & Etty

“You made my week, hell month! I think you are amazing!”

-Robyn Esquanazie

“What a class!!!! Love the music, jumping and energy! Thank you.”

-Elaine Dweck

“ZUMBA works!!! Thank you, my derriere looks great in pleather!!!”

-An anonymous ZUMBAHOLIC

“Hey Shirl, LUV your class just have one problem...Every time I come to class I stand in the back... and I “surrender the booty”...problem is, it always follows me home!”

-Nazira Chabbott